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National Archaelogical Museum of Athens

The autumn of 2018, Alexandra participated in the exhibition “The Countless Aspects of Beauty: Bringing to life Aegean Late Bronze Age Costume” that was presented at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Archaeologist Diana Wardle who curated the exhibition, recreates costumes inspired by antiquity, and in particular Minoan Crete, Thira and Mycenaean Greece. The designer collaborated with Wardle to recreate a costume from a Mycenae 13th-century-B.C. wall painting. After studying different materials and construction methods, Alexandra wove the fabric of the cloak from the “Room with the Fresco” using wool fibers.

IDRIA N1 Adornments

The limited-edition series of IDRIA N1 adornments are hand-woven bracelets that come in eight different colours and are inspired by ancient Greek patterns found on hydria N1 at the Acropolis museum. These adornments are now out of stock but can be made to order.

Zeus+Dione FW 2017

Alexandra was commissioned by Zeus+Dione to design hand-woven details of the CARINA pullover for their FW 2017 collection. She designed the patterns of the woven bands based on the collection’s concept and visual style.

Zeus + Dione FW 2016

Athens-based luxury fashion house Zeus+Dione is inspired by traditional Greek patterns and designs to create contemporary, sophisticated garments. Alexandra first collaborated with Zeus+Dione for their FW 2016 collection, to create hand-woven decorative bands for the cuffs of the CLIO shirt and the sleeves of PORTARIA sweater. Alexandra designed the patterns of the woven bands based on the collection’s concept and visual style.

MA Textiles Graduation Project UAL

For her MA graduation project at the Chelsea College of Arts London in 2015, Alexandra created a textile that references the weaving tradition of her family’s village, Metsovo, and the socioeconomic crisis of Greece at the time. With a firm belief that creativity and design can help a country grow in times of crisis, she explored Greek heritage as a way to imagine a brighter future.

DOT. Project

All creations by Alexandra Bissa are unique, handmade and limited-edition. The DOT. Project includes designs & products inspired by specific people or places. The story behind each design remains personal and private to the designer, but the visual result represents the DOT – the object of her inspiration. Find the DOT. Project products at the Creations page.

Herakleidon Museum

In March 2018, the Herakleidon Museum in Athens invited Alexandra to give a guided tour as part of the exhibition “Ancient Chinese Science and Technology”. A large section of the exhibition focused on textiles and weaving in ancient China, so Alexandra talked about the relationship of textile making between ancient Greece and China since the Han dynasty. A discussion about fibers, fabrics and techniques pointed out the differences and commonalities between the two ancient civilizations.